Welcome to AUM

AUM ENERGY SOLUTIONS (AUM) was established in the year of 2005 at Bangalore ( Silicon Valley of India). The promoters are having 30 years experience in Power Electronics design using latest Embedded software. AUM focus in Research & Development , manufacturing, marketing and after market of its products. AUM is an exclusive supplier on Bus Inverters to VOLVO BUSES India Ltd. the largest BUS manufacturing company in the world. AUM manufactures Micropower brand Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) from 150VA— 30KVA with Built-in MPPT Charger.


AUM is having strong design engineers to update the products with the latest technology with most reliable components available in the world. AUM quality engineers are well experienced to maintain the quality standards of European level by meeting the demands of VOLVO itself. AUM is having strong network in entire South India and proposes to open a branch at Dubai to support the clients at Middle East and African market.


We started the supply of 1000VA Sine wave Bus inverter to VOLVO in a small way 2008 on words. We have developed a 200VA High frequency sinewave inverter for TATA MARCOPOLO with the size and weight lesser than the models used by MARCOPOLO at BRAZIL. We are also supplying Bus INVERTER to VEERA VAHANA UDHYOG PVT LTD BANGALORE


We had improved the design 3 times. PIC 16F16F883 based design with sine wave generation PWM frequency from 5KHZ to 20KHZ. Implemented Toshiba make TLP250 driver to drive Mosfet By the year of 2013.We introduced a reliable new design based on DSPic 30F2010 with Digital signal Processing techniques. This design we are currently supplying to VOLVO BUSES INDIA PVT LTD